The Ladderguard

Secure your ladder with a Ladderguard. Ladder guards provide a physical and visual deterrent to help prevent unauthorised access to your ladders. Select from our range of ladder guards and ladder warning signs to help control access and minimise risks from unofficial ladder use.

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The image above shows our standard L4 ladder guard product fitted to a vertical fixed access ladder on the outside of a building, the standard L4 Ladderguard being designed to fit ladders with rung lengths between 370mm and 480mm and provides a ladder coverage height of approximately 1.95m.

The ladderguard has been developed to assist in securing ladders. Ladder guards help in preventing unauthorised access, avoiding potential health and safety hazards associated with unsanctioned ladder access.

Key Features

Simple To Fit

- Quick and simple to fit and remove from virtually any ladder, temporary or fixed.

Clear Warnings

- Hazard warning and prohibition signs clearly displayed.


- The Ladderguard is securely padlocked to the ladder.

Choice Of Materials

- Choice of materials, rust free aluminium construction, galvanised steel, painted steel or stainless steel.

Easy To Use

- Ergonomic handle, positioned to allow ease of handling and fitting by one person.


- Standard sizes fit most ladders, bespoke Ladderguards available upon request.


- Choice of standard locks, keyed alike locks or combination locks for when you have more than one ladder guard.


- Folded ‘wings’ that fit over the stiles of the ladder, improving the fit and stiffening the Ladderguard.


- Bespoke sizes materials and finishes available to suit most applications.

The Ladderguard

Where fixed ladders are fitted to the outside of buildings ladder guards offer Facility Managers the ability to demonstrate that they have secured ladders from general access, helping prevent unauthorised access by employees, contractors and members of the public who may access the site.

Within buildings, where fixed ladders are used to access internal plant, equipment and various levels within the building, a Facility Manager may choose an L1 or L2 Ladderguard. These ladder guards are shorter than the L3 and L4 and may be more appropriate inside a building where access to the ladder is generally restricted to employees.

Alternatively, for interior ladders, where only a simple warning is required we also offer our L0 ladder access warning sign. The sign acting as a reminder to all personnel that the ladder should not be accessed without appropriate authorisation.

For construction sites and building sites, or where building or plant and equipment maintenance work may be being performed, when scaffold ladders or other temporary access ladders may be in place to allow the works to be completed at height, Site Managers can use our standard L3 Ladderguard to protect unauthorised access to the scaffold ladder.

The L3 Ladderguard fits ladders with rung lengths between 250mm and 360mm and provides approximately 1.95m of ladder coverage height. As an alternative to our standard L3 ladderguard, we also offer the L78 Ladderguard, which is a yellow painted steel ladder guard, designed to fit a standard scaffold ladder.

All our standard Ladderguards are available in several materials; aluminium, galvanised steel, stainless steel and painted mild steel. Our painted mild steel ladder guards are painted yellow as standard, but are available in any colour as a bespoke product.

If a standard Ladderguard does not suit your ladder, then we are happy to provide a quotation for a bespoke ladder guard, design to fit your application. Examples of bespoke ladder guards previously manufactured include: double sided ladder guards, extra wide Ladderguards – to fit wider ladders, for example, ladders with rung lengths of 500mm+, bespoke length Ladderguards – to suit exact ladder lengths, ladder guards to suit ladders with fall protection devices installed, and many, many more ladder applications.

Other standard variants of our Ladderguard include our ‘ships ladder’ guard which is designed for slightly angled ladders with wider flat steps in place of rungs.

Our Ladderguards can be found in numerous applications, preventing access to; wind turbines, mobile telephone masts, building fixed access ladders, building site scaffold ladders, church roofs and steeples, mezzanine floors, roof access ladders, plant and equipment access ladders, to name just a few.

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