The Ladderguard

All Ladder Widths Can Be Accommodated

Secured At The Top And Near The Bottom Clear Warning Sign Handle For Easy Handling Secure Robust Padlock And Locking Plate Accommodates All Rungs Spacings Wings Give Rigidity It is important that the laddergaurd fits correctly All Ladder Types Can Be Accommodated Wide Choice Of Materials

Why Use A Ladderguard

Within the UK, companies are required by law to protect the welfare, health and safety of their employees and contractors. In addition, the law also requires that companies protect others including; visitors and trespassers, when they access their sites and property. The relevant UK legislation includes:

In order to comply with health & safety legislation, an employer should be reviewing and controlling hazards using hierarchical control measures, i.e., initially looking to eliminate the hazard, if this is not possible considering physical barriers and collective protective measures, such as a “Ladderguard”, and lastly putting in place measures such as personal protective equipment.

Numerous cases can be cited of companies being fined and/ or have been required to pay damages for allowing people to become injured, and indeed killed, whilst accessing unauthorised areas at height. For up to date information on recent court cases, have a look at the Health & Safety Executive’s website.

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